Wright Profemur Z Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Wright Profemur Z – Another Problematic Hip Implant

While the DePuy Hip replacement recall has been getting the most press, and involved the largest number of cases, there are other brands of hip implants that have caused problems.

Zimmer and Stryker hip replacement problems are two I’ve written about on this site, but they are not the only ones…

The Australian Connection

Wright Profemur Z has not gotten much press in this country yet. And since the U.S. doesn’t have a registry for hip replacements, it took the registry in Australia to alert the U.S. to the failure rate of the Wright Profemur Z.

The Australian Orthopedic Association found that the failure rate within three years was 11.2%! This means that more than 10 percent of the patients who had received a Wright Profemur implant had to have additional surgery to have their artificial hip replaced.

Wright Profemur Z vs DePuy ASR Hip Replacement

Just by way of comparison – the DePuy ASR hip replacement had a failure rate of 13% – within the first five years after having been implanted. That’s very bad, considering that hip implants are supposed to last at least 15 to 20 years, and preferably the rest of the patient’s life.

But the Wright Profemur Z rate is even worse. There are no numbers that I could find about what their rate is after five years, but with 11.2% after only 3 years,chances are that their failure rate exceeds the DePuy rate.

How could something like that happen?

Here’s something else DePuy and Wright Profemur have in common:

Both of them have bypassed the clinical trial phase by arguing that they were basically similar to other implants that were already on the market.

Interestingly enough, the Profemur had components, i.e., “flexible” components, that were supposed to be innovative and superior to the other options. Yet it turned out that the flexible component was the cause of much of the trouble – it wasn’t strong enough to withstand normal use.

Do YOU or Someone you love (or know) have a Wright Profemur implant?

What should you do if you or someone you know has a Wright Profemur implant, whether or not you already have problems?

You should definitely be monitored closely by your medical team. And you should seek out legal advice as well.

For starters, you should know about your options…

The problem is that it’s easy to make mistakes that can potentially ruin your chances of getting compensation for the injuries inflicted by your hip replacement. These mistakes include not taking action soon enough – which can lead to problems with the statute of limitations, which might expire before you have a chance to file.

And once it’s expired, there’s nothing even the best attorney can do for you.

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Another problem is incorrect record keeping. In order to have a chance to get compensation, you MUST have your records. And they must be complete, and in the right format.

We have created a special report that will alert you to some of the pitfalls and help you make sure to avoid the biggest mistakes.

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