New York Hip Replacement Recall

If you live in New York, hip replacement recall as a concept is seriously scary. The hip replacement itself was bad enough.

Whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or another area in New York, walking is a primary mode of transportation. And with a hip that’s hurting with every step, walking is no longer really an option.

Of course you can take a cab, but being able to walk to places, especially if they’re nearby, is part of what makes New York and especially Manhattan special.

Then again, maybe you live in the Catskills mountains, and there too, going for a hike in the woods or up a mountain brings a lot of joy, and an inability to participate can bring a lot of frustration.

So what’s the deal with the hip replacement recall?

If you have had hip implant surgery, and it’s been a few years and you’re STILL in pain, you are probably dealing with a defective device.

They don’t ALL fail, but the failure rate is about 13 percent over five years, which is pretty outrageous since failure means that this painful surgery with its long and hard recovery time will have to be done AGAIN.

That’s plenty bad enough, but there’s another piece of info that’s really scary. Aside from the “normal” failure, such as dislocation, loosening, and so on, there’s one more way in which the DePuy hip replacement implants in particular could endanger your health:

They’re metal on metal implants, and as the metal rubs on metal with every step, microscopic particles are sloughing off and start migrating into surrounding tissue and into the blood stream.

And there, they can cause a whole lot of havoc, from causing allergic reactions to literally poisoning the patient.

How would you know? You won’t know for sure unless you get tested.

And so whether or not you’re in New York, hip recall notices need to be taken seriously, and it’s wise to see a doctor and get tested as soon as possible.

But don’t stop there. See a lawyer too. You need to know what you must do in order to preserve your chance at getting the compensation you may deserve.

Hip replacement recall report

We’ve prepared a special report that will help you avoid costly mistakes that could derail your case completely.

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And of course, wee look forward to helping you get the compensatoin you deserve.

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