Metal on Metal Hip Implants Cause Huge Problems

Metal on Metal Hip Implants have been causing huge problems for their recipients. And it’s not a big secret anymore.

Metal On Metal Hip Implants On NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News reported the situation earlier this month, and the US Drug Watchdog agrees. And it’s not just the DePuy ASR implants that are the culprits. Those were recalled last year, but not until after they were implanted in more than 40,000 or so Americans and about 92,000 patients worldwide.

As a result, tens of thousands of Americans and even more people around the world are at risk of serious problems.

Even the “Poster Lady” for DePuy’s ASR Resurfacing Implant, Penny Brown, a former gymnast, has now joined a group lawsuit to get compensated for her failing hip implant.

The DePuy Pinnacle implant, which is a metal on metal implant as well, is also implicated in having similar problems, not too surprisilngly.

What are those problems? These implants, along with similar metal on metal implants by other manufacturers, have shown a very high failure rate. Hip replacement implants are supposed to last at least 15 to 20 years, and preferably for the rest of the patient’s life.

Instead, the problematic metal on metal implants were failing within just a couple of years, leading to great pain, swelling, difficulty walking, and other problems. And that doesn’t even include the issue of metal toxicity that is also a big issue with these implants.

Metal On Metal Implant Solution – Another Big Problem

The solution is no less traumatic – more surgery. In fact, the fear of additional painful surgery may cause some affected patients to hesitate and wait with coming forward. Yet it’s important that they do so if they want help – and if they hope to get compensated for the pain and suffering that has been caused by their faulty implants.

It’s really ironic that the metal on metal implants were often chosen especially for younger and more athletic patients who were hoping to regain their old flexibility and mobility and return to their former athletic activities. Now, all too many of those patients are stuck with debilitating pain, and in some cases even the inability to walk normally.

The stealth problem of metal on metal implants that still gets far too little attention is however metal toxicity. The scary part is that metal toxicity doesn’t necessarily causes symptoms that would alert people to the issue, so it can be missed until the damage is done.

Even if people don’t suffer great pain, metal toxicity may be present, and it is essential that they get themselves checked for it – and seek information and hellp.

The Crucial Next Step: Get Information – And Get Help Fast!

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