Hip Replacement Recall 2012 – Is Your Hip Implant Failing You?

It’s 2012, and hip replacement recalls are all over the news. Is your hip implant failing you? Or has it failed several years ago?

Hip Replacement Recall 2012

Metal on Metal Hip Implant

The pain and suffering that hip implant patients go through whose implants are failing is almost unimaginable for people who have not been affected.

Imagine losing your most basic abilities that you normally take for granted. The ability to walk, and even to sit without pain. Or at all.

Some patients have suffered so much damage through faulty hip implants that they have been left with no hip at all. Not only are they in excruciating pain, but they’re basically immobilized.

Even in less drastic situations, a recall and a faulty implant means additional surgery, surgery that is very painful and takes a long time to recover from.

Hip Replacement Recall 2012 Update

There have not been any NEW recalls this year yet that I’m aware of, but there are plenty of recalled devices implanted in patients, many of whom are in pain.

And pain is not the only problem… Almost all the recalled hip implants are metal on metal implants, and in addition to being prone to failure at a miuch higher rate than the older, more traditional composite implants, they also pose the danger of metal poisoning or metal toxicity.

So if you have a metal on metal implant, you need to have your blood checked regularly for levels of the main heavy metals used in implants, cadmium and chromium.

The symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can be subtle, so they are not usually or at least not quickly recognized as having been caused by heavy metal poisoning. So it’s up to you to be vigilant.

This is going to be one of the key issues of hip replacement recall 2012.

And if you do have a metal on metal implant that is failing and/or affected by a recall? What do you do?

The most important thing is to get information – as soon as possible. Not only do you need to be in contact with your physician or medical team – you also need legal advice.

And you should seek that as soon as possible because there are a few mistakes that unsuspecting patients often make that can ruin your chances at compensation. So be sure not to make those mistakes.

If you have a DePuy ASR or Pinnacle metal on metal hip implant, be sure to request our FREE guide on how to avoid the biggest mistakes that could sabotage your chances of getting compensation.

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