Hip Implant Recall Update

There’s no end in sight. Hip replacement recalls just keep appearing in the news. Sometimes the recalls haven’t quite happened yet, but we can see what’s coming down the pike.

Hip Replacement Recall Update

So far, here are the implants that have been recalled:

DePuy ASR XL and also the resurfacing version of the DePuy ASR implant.

Zimmer Durom Cup – another full hip replacement implant

Stryker Trident

And the Sulzer hip implant too, although that has been quite a while ago.

What’s the deal with the DePuy Pinnacle hip implant? I keep coming across a lot of info on problems with that particular implant, and if there’s a recall, it will be huge.

So far, there have been calls for a recall from some sources, as you can see when you Google Pinnacle recall, but to the best of my knowledge it has not been recalled as of yet.

Why are some people calling for a recall, especially surgeons who have been working with it and now no longer use it?

Because like the DePuy ASR XL, iand the other recalled hip implants, the DePuy Pinnacle implant seems to show a pattern of requiring replacement very soon after it has been implanted.

I’m kind of glad I’m not in Johnson and Johnson’s shoes. They probably wish they could get out of the hip implant business if there were a way to do so gracefully. Who knows.

hip implant demonstration

And it’s easy to see why hip replacement recalls make the news…

Considering that replacement means major surgery, that’s not good. Those things ought to last for the rest of one’s life, or at least 10 to 15 years.

But that’s not all… Enter knee replacement recalls…

Knee Replacement Recall

As you might expect, hip replacement recalls aren’t the only thing to be concerned about. What about knee replacement implants?

Have any of those been recalled yet?

There have been quite a few complaints lodged about the Depuy Knee Replacement implants as well, though as in the case of the Pinnacle implant, no official recall has happened yet.

But the potential numbers are staggering…

if you think the 93,000 hip replacement implants that have been recalled by DePuy alone are a big number, just wait until the knee replacement implants start getting into the pipeline. The number of people who have knee replacement surgery are HUGE in comparison.

Here’s the problem…. If it’s implanted in somebody’s body, there’s a chance that things go wrong. And if you have an implant, keep close tabs on it. If you find yourself with symptoms including pain, swelling, difficulty walking, popping or grinding noises, loosening of the joint, and other such things, do see a doctor right away.

Now about a related topic… if you’re wonderign whether you might be eligible for compensation if you really did get a faulty implant, stop wondering and start taking action instead.

And the action to take is easy enough:

Go out and get informed! Here’s why: It’s crucial that you avoid making the most common mistakes that can derail even the strongest of hip replacement recall cases or even knee replacement cases. What are they?

hip replacement recall report


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If you’ve got an implant and pain, don’t second-guess it. Get information now while there’s time to act on it.

What about that time issue?

Ever heard of statute of limitations? One of the big mistakes is failing to take action soon enough. Once that statute of limitation expires, the world’s best lawyer won’t be able to do a darn thing for you anymore.

Instead, get informed before it’s too late — get your report — and your free consultation now!

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