DePuy Hip Recall

Basic Facts about the DePuy Recall

In August of 2010, DePuy Orrhopaedics , which is a Division of Johnson & Johnson, recalled two types of its hip replacement implants. The reason given was “higher-than-expected early failure rates.”

The implants involved are the following:

ASR XL Acetabular system (used for total hip replacement

ASR Hip Resurfacing System (used for a bone preserving procedure)

What is the problem with those implants?

a) Earlier than expected failure rate

Generally, hip replacement implants should last for the rest of the recipients’ lives. However, the above implants had a 5-year failure rate that was atleast twice that of other implants.

b) Metal toxicity

In addition, there is a lot of wear that occurs in these particular implants, which results in the release of metal particles and debris, i.e., chromium and cadmium, into the tissues around the implant and into the bloodstream. This in turn can lead to metal toxicity.

Metal toxicity can cause a variety of major health problems, which makes it imperative to remove the implant (and replace it with another).

The reason why the Depuy Implants have the metal toxicity issue is thecause of their design that leads to a lot more wear and of the components, along with a much higher than usual release of those toxic components. Other hip implants are designed in a way that does not lead to those problems, or at least not nearly to the degree of the DePuy versions.

DePuy Should Have Recalled These Implants Much Sooner

There have been signs of those problems, both regarding the early failure rate and the metal toxicity, even in 2008, as many of the original recipients of the implants had to undergo additional “revision” surgery, which is both painful and much more complicated than the original surgery.

The various lawsuits that are being filed are making the argument that the parent company of DePuy, i.e., Johnson and Johnson, should have recalled those implants much sooner. This would have saved tens of thousands of people a lot of pain and suffering.

Johnson and Johnson Hip Recall

In the Johnson and Johnson hip recall, it has come to light that the company has approached recipients of the DePuy implants to send them their medical records. It also asked doctors to return the implants, cleaned of any tissue.

This is unusual and designed to help Johnson and Johnson, of which DePuy is a division, to defend itself against class action suits and other lawsuits.

It also is designed to destroy the evidence that patients need access to in order to make their case.

Why You Need Legal Advice NOW

It is very important that patients get legal advice as soon as possible, in order to preserve their chances of getting appropriate compensation.

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DePuy Hip Recall Report

There’s another reason why you need help. DePuy and its parent company Johnson and Johnson have made indications that they will try to limit compensation to expenses incurred for surgery and rehabilitation.

This would mean that if you were hoping to get compensated for your pain and suffering, you’ll be out of luck — unless you have a very good attorney.

We agree that patients who have received these defective devices should be compensated for the pain and suffering they have gone through, and in some cases for the irreparable injuries that they have suffered.

Time is of the essence, though, so if you have received either of the affected DePuy hip replacement implants, you MUST see your doctor and get legal advice as soon as possible EVEN IF you do not (yet) have any problems or symptoms.

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DePuy Hip Recall Report

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