California Hip Replacement Recall

For anyone who had hip replacement surgery and lives in California, Hip Replacement Recall must have come as a shock!

Your first surgery was probably enough of an ordeal to last you for a while. And not being able to walk in comfort, let alone jog, run, or engage in all the other activities you used to enjoy, at least not for weeks and months, must have been hard.

And suddenly… there’s the news of the California hip replacement recall. Well, there’s aloso the texas hip replacement recall, and the nationwide hip replacement recall, but every state is a bit different in how things work.

California Hip Replacement Recall

What happened exactly?

Well, this isn’t the first hip replacement recall out there. First, there was the Sulzer hip recall. Then, a couple of years ago, there was the Zimmer hip replacement recall of the Zimmer implant called Durum Cup.

And finally, the newest hip recall: The DePuy hip implant recall. And the last one involves not just one but TWO different types of hip implants.

First, there’s the ASR XL hip replacement implant, which replaces the entire hip structure. It has a larger hip joint portion than the other types.

This larger “ball” portion of the joint had advantages that would be especially appreciated by California hip replacement patients: it allows for a greater range of movement than the more traditional smaller joints, but unfortunately, this clearly came with a big price tag:

These hip implants were much more prone to failure, which led to more than twice the rate of early “revision” surgery, thereby defeating the purpose.

On the one hand, they were supposed to lead to greater mobility, but on the other hand, they led to a more frequent need of a replacement surgery where the old part had to be swapped out for a new one.

And a second hip replacement surgery usually is much harder on the body, and comes with a much longer recovery period.

In addition, these implants have also caused damage in the tissues surrounding them, which makes things even more complicated.

What a nightmare! This should have never happened! And what makes this even more maddening, it didn’t HAVE to happen. DePuy knew for a while that these hip implants were big trouble, yet they continued selling them.

California Hip Replacement recall -- Justice

Hip replacement recall - Justice

So what now?

How can you get compensation?

Whether you live in one of the other states or in California, hip replacement recall compensation may well be available to you.

But you have to do things the right way. First of all, it’s absolutely crucial that you see a doctor to find out just what is going on with your hip implant.

You may already have problems. You may even have had “revision” surgery, but you also may be one of the lucky ones who SO FAR haven’t had any symptoms.

You still must be checked, and you still are eligible for compensation. These Franken-Implants also are causing damage that you may not attribute to them, damage caused by the leaching of metal particles into your body.

They can cause allergic reactions, and they can also simply poison you. You want to make sure to have the levels of those metal particles checked — if they are too high, you may have to have the implant removed even if you don’t have any symptoms yet.


Hip Recall Compensation Mistakes

Avoid these 7 mistakes!


Get legal advice

Your immediate next step should be to get legal advice. That’s because if you don’t, you likely make mistakes that can kill your case, quite literally.

And to help you with that, we have put together a special report that will help you make sure you’ll be able to avoid those mistakes.

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Once you have requested our special report, you’ll also be invited to request a special consultation with our legal team about your California Hip Replacement Recall case.

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